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World's highest free-standing mountain.

Experience 5 climate zones in 3 days! Walk this path, and make it your journey. You will be one with nature, and you will be changed forever.

Contact us about helping you get Kili-ready! Trust us, you’re going to bond with your fellow climbers, and you’re going to encourage each other all the way to the top.

Above the clouds, it’s simply priceless!

Mt. Meru is Kilimanjaro’s neighbor. Thousands of hikers climb this one first, and then they tackle Kilimanjaro.

Northern Circuit Safaris

Serengti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire

Explore the famous Serengeti’s endless plains. Join the millions that enter this national park to find Tanzania’s Big Five: elephant, rhinoceros, leopard, lion and East African buffalo.

The Ngorongoro Crater is an 100-square mile area, and is a protected sanctuary to approx. 25,000 large animals. “To see the Crater for the first time…”

Lake Manyara is home to our famous mountain-climbing lions. Add this national park to your northern circuit and lunch in Hemingway’s green hills of Africa.

You will never see such large heards of elephants anywhere on this planet. Spend your time quietly in this park because the matriachs love their peaceful home.

Southern Circuit Safaris and Mahale Mtns

Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha Nat'l Park, Katavi, Mahale Mtns

The true explorer chooses this path. It’s the less-taken path but certainly stands on its own. These parks are virtually uninhabited and are home to some of East Africa’s lesser-known free-ranging game. We will spend days searching through the forest and plains for Greater Kudu, Roan and Sable antelope. The game reserves are also inhabited by the Big Five.

A special treat, we end these safaris with a visit to Gombe or the Mahale Mountains National Parks. These parks are sanctuaries for chimpanzees, made famous by Jane Goodall. 

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Kivuli Workshop Cabins

We’ll pick you up at KIA (Kilimanjaro International Airport) and take you straight to our cabins at the base of Kilimanjaro. Situated along the Karanga River, you will sleep with flowing waters in the background. Hand-made by our Kivuli Workshop members, your stay will be a treat!

Once home to Tanzania’s most famous ex-pat restaurant/bar, thousands of visitors share special memories of jazz nights, movie nights, local brewery beers and exclusive cocktails.

We are neighbors with Mama Clementina Foundation, home to 400+ boarding school girls, academic and vocational, as well as home to Little Clementines preschool and primary school.


off the African coast and in the Indian Ocean

Not many visitors go to Tanzania without spending a few days in Zanzibar’s paradise.

Famous for their fresh seafood, masseuse sessions, tropical beverages, scuba diving, snorkeling and East Africa’s famous Stone Town, there’s no shortage of recreation in Zanzibar.

We’ll organize transportation by air or by ferry to and from the island. 

Off the beaten path

Dare to take our most unique tours!

Take one of these tours and you WILL have a story to tell!

  • cultural tours within Moshi municipality
  • world-famous hot springs
  • coffee plantation tours
  • visit with traditional medicine men
  • secluded private island resorts
  • hike to the top of Oldonyo Lengai, a live volcano
  • hot air balloon safaris
  • motorbike safaris

Moshi, our home base, is also home to Kilimanjaro’s annual marathon race. Contact us if you decide to run amongst Kenya’s famous athletes.

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